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Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Light Dental Washington DC and VA clinics offer dental implants

Since Light Dental has made it a point to use the latest procedures, our Washington DC and VA clinics also cater to dental implant installation. For a time the most popular procedure used for patients with missing teeth were dentures. However, with the latest developments in the field of dentistry, dental implants have grown in popularity because it restores the functional and aesthetic condition of the natural teeth.

Our Light Dental Washington DC and VA clinics offer dental implants because we stay true to our word of bringing the latest dentistry procedures to our patients. Dental implants act as tooth roots; these are attached into the jaw of the patient to hold a replacement tooth in place. The most common material used for dental implants is titanium because of its anti-corrosive properties and compatibility with the human body. If you’re considering of availing this procedure, talk to one of our dentists and let him evaluate your dental condition to ensure that this is the perfect option for you. Aside from the aesthetic appeal that dental implants give patients, it greatly improves speech, eliminates the discomfort of detachable dentures, facilitates easier chewing, and enhances overall dental health. Plus, you don’t have to constantly change implants because these are very durable. If taken care of properly, it could even last a lifetime. As with any dental procedure, there are downsides to dental implants. For one, it is an expensive procedure and most dental insurances categorize dental implants as cosmetic services, thus, they don’t cover this procedure in their insurance policy.

All of our Light Dental Washington DC and VA clinics value your smile that’s why even if this is the common case with dental implants, we offer our patients with various financial options to make sure that their needs are really met. Set up an appointment with our dentist now for more information regarding dental implants.

Takae is always very pleasant. She also does an excellent job cleaning my teeth.

- Vernan R.

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